Sarah Owings

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Sarah Owings turned 40 in July, 2019. At this intersection of life, Sarah wanted to contribute to something bigger than herself during this milestone year. Sarah, a KC Native, wanted that contribution to impact her hometown, the best city in the universe, Kansas City. KidsTLC came into Sarah's life May 24, 2019. Sarah started a new career adventure in May, 2019 with a local healthcare IT company, Netsmart, and needed to see Netsmart's work in action. KidsTLC, was a local Netsmart account in Kansas City where there was an opportunity to shadow and experience a day in the life. From the intake office, to seeing the onsite school to watching services being provided to the kids -- that day was monumental for Sarah on two fronts - 1). complete validation that Sarah made the right career change with Netsmart and 2). Sarah knew she wasn't done with KidsTLC; Sarah knew deep in her bones that this was just the beginning, she just didn't know what that meant when she left the KidsTLC campus that day.

Fast forward to June 8, 2019. Sarah attended the 10th annual BMA Foundation "Dine & Dance with the Stars" event. Sarah has been attending the event for the last five years as an annual girl's night out. Ballroom dancing supporting local charities makes for a crazy, fun night. The Anselmo family is a family everyone needs to know, period. And KidsTLC was one of the local charities. It was a full circle moment for Sarah and it clicked. Sarah was sitting in her chair at the 2019 event and she knew internally a year from now she was going to be dancing for KidsTLC in 2020.


Here we are. Sarah has been committed to hustling hard for the last 10 months to raise awareness and advocacy across Sarah's tribe (husband - Ryan, 7 year old son - Mason) and across the broader Kansas City tribe to know more, care more and love more for our kids & families transformation's happening daily at KidsTLC. We all need support. We all need family. We all need deep-rooted relationships to carry us thru this messy thing called life. Sarah has been and will continue to be driven to influence our culture where everyone belongs & where it's ok to be not ok some days.

We can all heal and love more with a couple shimmy's together for each other.

Xoxoxo (& all.the.shimmy's),
-Sarah (aka Hubbie, SOwings)
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Sarah will be dancing with Rafael Labrado.

Rafael Labrado

As a small child in Juarez, Mexico Rafael started Mexican folk dancing. He performed throughout Mexico and Texas. Later his passion turned to gymnastics, where he excelled. At 19 his family moved to Kansas City in order for Rafael to train at Great American Gymnastics Express. Several Olympic athletes have trained here. At 22 Rafael's gymnastic career was abruptly ended by an injury. Then, one day while flipping through the channels on TV; Rafael came across a program called "Championship Ballroom Dancing" on PBS. The amazing dancers on the program sparked a new interest. Soon he found a local dance studio and dance has been his passion ever since. Rafael has been teaching social and competitive Ballroom Dance for the last 18 years. In that time he has successfully competed with different partners. Highlights include being a Rising Star and Open Professional finalist and Top teacher awards at the Heart of America DanceSport Championships for the past 10 years. Rafael has also been ranked in the top ten teachers in the US for the past 12 years.


Online voting is now CLOSED.

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